How do we choose Startups?

Our network of Startups allows us to offer a diverse range of learn-by-doing experiences to our Intrapreneurship Programme candidates, with a focus on technology across various industry sectors.

What we look for

Choosing the right Startups is critical to the success of our programmes, which is why we look for organisations with attributes that will help us offer the best learning opportunities for our candidates.

We consider 3 main criteria when searching for suitable Startups to place our candidates:

  • Founder Fit

  • Culture & Environment

  • Learning Opportunities

Founder Fit

Finding a Startup where the Founders or leadership team display natural mentorship qualities helps us ensure that our candidates receive the support they need to succeed.

We expect Founders to encourage curiosity and inspire candidates throughout their engagement, acting as helpful guides and providing meaningful insight into the nuances of Startup life.

Founders have a lasting impact on a candidate’s learning, acting as positive role models by demonstrating entrepreneurial thinking, collaboration, and leadership skills.

We find the best Founders are:

  • Curious

  • Trusting

  • Open-minded

  • Supportive

It’s important for us to build strong relationships with all of our Founders so we can appropriately match candidates that will benefit the most from their unique leadership style and business mindset.

Although our Intrapreneurship Programmes are designed to provide resources and support to Startups, we only work with Founders that believe in our mission and are passionate about helping us achieve positive results for our candidates.

Culture & Environment

Every Startup has its own unique social environment, which is influenced by its people and their collective approach, goals, and behaviours.

We rely on Startup cultures to provide a healthy contrast to a candidate’s usual working environment, and offer them the opportunity to embrace the challenges of entrepreneurial life.

Part of what makes an Intrapreneurship Programme successful is a candidate’s exposure to new ways of working within smaller, naturally agile businesses.

By offering the right environment, we can empower our candidates to take these learnings back into their day-to-day roles.

We find the best cultures & environments are:

  • Driven - by clear growth objectives

  • Resourceful - with their time, budget, and skills

  • Collaborative - and inherently multi-skilled

  • Accepting - of new ideas, challenges, and perspectives

In larger Startups, we hope for teams and individuals to display the same qualities we look for in our Founders. At the least we want to ensure that the main point of contact for our candidates can offer the level of support and guidance they need.

Learning Opportunities

Although Founder fit and culture can help us identify the right Startups to work with, we can only place candidates if the right learning opportunities are available.

In order to meet the needs of the individuals and provide sufficient opportunities for growth, we must be able to ensure the following for our candidates:

  • Their skill set neatly matches the Startup’s shortages

  • They have a clear idea of how they will contribute

  • Their desired outcomes will be understood and valued

  • They will be encouraged to experiment / fail fast

We use a simple survey to capture insights on the skills, goals, and desired outcomes for both Startups and Candidates.

By understanding the needs of both parties, we can better identify how the skills of our candidates can help to fill the gaps, as well as contribute towards the company’s short-term objectives.

We also believe that once a Startup has successfully completed an Intrapreneurship Programme with us, it will be easier for them to identify their needs and take on more candidates in future.

Get involved

We’re currently on the lookout for Startups to join our network and provide learning opportunities for our candidates in upcoming programmes.

If you can provide a supportive and empowering environment for our candidates then we want to hear from you!

Be considered for our next Intrapreneurship Programme. Simply enter your details to join the list and we’ll be in touch if we think you’re a good fit.

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